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        Since its advent to Qatar in 1972, Subaru , together with Mannai, has made impressive strides in the Qatari market. The technology that forms part of every Subaru car is derived from World Rally Championship experiences and the spirit of active driving pleasure and safety.
        The Subaru range features the unique and famous Subaru All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) technology offering full-time Symmetrical All-Wheel drive as a standard feature and promising ultimate stability under all driving conditions. Another exciting feature of every Subaru car is the SUBARU BOXER, a horizontally-opposed engine that is an essential part of the Symmetrical AWD. Not only does it display excellent low-vibration characteristics but also emits an exhilarating and crisp boxer sound all the way up to the high rpm range.

        While remaining centered on the unique engines and the Symmetrical AWD, safety-conscious bodies of Subaru vehicles have now been made with further improved rigidity, weight, and suspension technology that has matured over many years. This is consistent with the basic philosophy of Subaru to enable freedom of movement, along with comfort and safety that provides "driving pleasure supported by a high level of overall safety performance."

        Subaruís dedication to its technology and safety had led to its phenomenal success throughout the Middle East. The winning of the marvelous Subaru Impreza WRX N14 in the 2006 World Rally Championship had exponentially uplifted the overall reputation of the brand in the region. The Subaru line-up includes Impreza, Legacy, Outback, Forester and a stylish, sophisticated 7-seater Tribeca, now increasingly invading the roads of Qatar.