Nov 14, 2016

Press Release

FHI Named “Best IR Award” Winner for Second Time after Three Years

FHI Named “Best IR Award” Winner for Second Time after Three Years

Tokyo, November 14, 2016 – Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), the manufacturer of Subaru automobiles, has been named a 2016 Best IR Award winner by Japan Investor Relations Association (JIRA) in the 2016 JIRA IR Award. This is the second time after three years that FHI has won the award.

The JIRA IR Award is designed to recognize companies which have been highly accredited in the investment community for their understanding and promotion of IR activities. This is the 21st year since the start of the award program. Of the JIRA member companies, 258 publicly-traded companies applied for the 2016 Award and a total of 14 companies were selected to receive awards: the IR Grand Prix were given to two companies, the Best IR Awards to seven, the IR Special Awards to three, and the Best IR Awards for Small and Mid-cap Companies to two.

The following reasons were stated by JIRA for selecting FHI:
“FHI’s CEO and other members of the top management have an in-depth understanding of the interest that investors and capital market participants take in the company. They provide appropriate explanation on key topics including shareholder returns and progress of the company’s mid-term business plans. FHI’s growth and capital strategies are clear and rational. Activities by the IR team are also highly recognized. Examples include their well-arranged briefings on areas of particular interest to investors such as the company’s next-generation platform and autonomous driving technologies. As evidenced in their swift communication of corporate information via the company’s website, FHI demonstrates its commitment to fair disclosure.”

Under our management philosophy, FHI aims to become “a compelling company with a strong market presence” built upon its customer-first principle.
We will continue to meet our responsibilities as a company that conducts its business on the global stage and, in our IR activities, will seek to further enhance shareholder and investor understanding of FHI through the broad-based and fair disclosure of corporate information.

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